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Hollywood Honeywagons owner Michael Marr
May 27, 2022
Michael Marr, the charismatic founder of Hollywood Honeywagon, was showing me around one of his 30 fully customized trailers when
How The Fabric Store Weaves Authenticity Into Films Like Albert and Claude
February 10, 2022
Alina Willemin, producer of the 1560s-set independent film Albert and Claude, knew the production would have to be smart with
Palm Springs
November 7, 2021
CAA agent Julia Glausi always knows when she wants to help a script get made: “When I read something, if
Emily Blunt A Quiet Place Bryan Woods FilmQuest
November 6, 2021
After working on a wide-release studio picture, it’s not hard for Bryan Woods — co-writer and producer of A Quiet
Mulan Tenet test
September 4, 2020
Welcome to the biggest movie day of a very strange year. After months of delays, Tenet and Mulan go head-to-head
BlackStar film festival
August 14, 2020
The BlackStar Film festival has announced a 2020 lineup that will include drive-in screenings, digital panels, parties, and conversations with
Kanopy Streaming Services Streaming Service Alternatives
August 13, 2020
You might already have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO Max, but there is yet another streaming service — and
Dave Franco The Rental
July 20, 2020
With his directorial debut The Rental set to be released this week, Dave Franco shared a deeply unsettling new clip of
Charlie Kaufman I'm Thinking of Ending Things Antkind
July 16, 2020
During his famous 2011 screenwriting lecture with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), screenwriter and director Charlie
Mask Bane
July 14, 2020
What if instead of resisting masks — as so many are unfortunately doing — we embrace them? None of us
July 10, 2020
Keen-eyed Hannibal fans have noticed that the series, starring Mads Mikkelson as serial killer Hannibal Lecter, looks much brighter on
Anthony Mackie Falcon Joe Russo Anthony Russo Brothers
July 9, 2020
Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo agree with Anthony Mackie about the need for more diversity on Marvel sets,
Ennio Morricone Tarantino film scores The Thing The Untouchables
July 6, 2020
The influence of Ennio Morricone on film scoring is incalculable. Though perhaps best known for his collaborations with spaghetti Western
Russell Crowe Jared Kushner
July 1, 2020
To research the role of Roger Ailes on his Showtime limited series The Loudest Voice, Russell Crowe struck up an
Anthony Mackie Falcon Joe Russo Anthony Russo Brothers
June 29, 2020
Anthony Mackie, star of the Avengers films and the upcoming show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, called out what
Anthony Mackie
June 29, 2020
Anthony Mackie says his upcoming Disney+ television series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be like “a six or eight-hour
Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal
June 23, 2020
Since Hannibal‘s cancellation in 2015, followers of the NBC original series have hungered for another season. With the entire series now
Spike Lee Da 5 Bloods
June 19, 2020
The new Spike Lee film Da 5 Bloods flashes back roughly half a century — but doesn’t de-age its four
Robert Pattinson Tenet
June 11, 2020
It would be an understatement to say that Robert Pattinson has had an eventful year. Starring in a Christopher Nolan
Spike Lee Da 5 Bloods Newton Thomas Sigel
June 8, 2020
Despite the far-off setting of the new Spike Lee joint, Da 5 Bloods, cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel made sure to incorporate some
red pill the matrix
June 4, 2020
Novelist Julian Barnes once wrote, “Art belongs to everybody and nobody.” That’s been the blessing and curse of the Wachowski
Alison Brie The Rental Dave Franco
May 21, 2020
The Rental, the upcoming horror-thriller that is the directorial debut of Dave Franco, looks to be as chilling as Franco
Almost Love Mike Doyle gay romantic comedy gay rom-com
May 14, 2020
Almost Love — which is focused on two gay men in the doldrums of a long-term relationship — is something
Tenet Tenet Release Dates hotly anticipated movies Wonder Woman 1984 The French Dispatch
May 7, 2020
As much of the world shelters in place, lovers of cinema anxiously await the day when they can flock back