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MovieMaker Production Services

The MovieMaker Production Services program has helped hundreds of productions get deals, make connections, publicize their films, and save tens of thousands of dollars.

How does the program work?

For an accepted film, a producer invests at least $10K into the program. MovieMaker Production Services then doubles the value of that investment for almost anything that’s needed to get the movie to market — editing, visual effects, DCP, color correction, publicity, you name it. Your $10K gets you $20K in services, $15K gets you $30K, $25K gets you $50K. Double means double.

Once your film is complete, MovieMaker Production Services will help promote the film through MovieMaker Magazine,, and our social channels. We’ll make sure your film gets the attention it deserves.

Criteria for eligibility:

– A project should start principal photography within the next 24 months. Or a project is already shot is ready for post production.

– Some of the production or post production must be done in North America.

– Ideal budget range for participating films is between $100,000 and $1 million.

– Producers must demonstrate that they have at least $10,000 on hand to invest in the program.

Recent production partners include: Technicolor, Keslow Cameras, Sugar Studios, Coast Public Relations, Fotokem, Puget Systems, Location Sound Corp, Galpin Studio Rentals, Media Production Studios, and many more.

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