Mórbido Film Fest

Mexico City, Mexico / October 31-November 10, 2018 /

“What better way to celebrate genre film just in time for Dia de los Muertos?” asks one panelist of Mórbido, which saw its 10th anniversary this year, and indeed, director Pablo Guisa Koestinger knows how to put on a show. “Pablo is a P.T. Barnum type,” says another panelist, “hosting a lavish opening-night spectacle and dressing in elaborate, film-specific costumes while hosting Q&As. Hospitality doesn’t get much better than the red carpet Mórbido rolls out for its attendees, and the festival celebrates diversity, open-mindedness, and progressive ideals while wallowing in blood and guts.” That celebration extends beyond the week-plus of macabre movies from around the world to incorporate other cultural happenings like stage plays, concerts, and art exhibitions, and Mórbido further delves into the dark side via local TV and radio broadcasts.

Moviemakers Enrique Lopez Lavigne, Paco Plaza, and Derek Clayton visit the Mercado de artesanias Ciudadela during Mórbido Film Fest 2018. Photograph courtesy of Mórbido Film Fest

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