Manchester, U.K. / October 2019 /

Appropriately “nestled in chilly Manchester,” Grimmfest celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. “With numerous guests and stellar programming, Grimmfest takes more risks than the typical genre fest, making its films defiantly stand out from the crowd,” a panelist says. Name a noteworthy scary movie from the past decade, and Grimmfest has likely played it to an enthusiastic audience, along with restorations of classics from the 1960s through the ’90s. For the extra-spooky touch, screenings have taken place in haunted locales like Manchester Cathedral and Ordsall Hall. Co-directors Simeon Halligan and Rachel Richardson-Jones don’t restrict their celebration of the genre’s best to the Grimmfest’s four days; they host special screenings and marathons throughout the year, such as 2018’s “No More Room in Hell: A Tribute to George Romero” and Evil Dead and werewolf-movie marathons.

Photograph courtesy of Grimmfest

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