Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

Ljutomer, Slovenia / July 2019 /

As its name indicates, Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, organized by Peter Beznec and programmed by Tomaž Horvat, is dedicated to both serving up an array of cult films and cult-films-to-be, and assuring you may not remember them the morning after. “You’re literally force-fed delicious wines from the second you wake up in the morning till you pass out at night,” says a panelist. Set in a town surrounded by vineyards, Grossmann abets its screenings with guest appearances (the remarkable lineup of past attendees includes Christopher Lee, Roger Corman, Menahem Golan, et al.), with plenty of fun experiences for those still standing. “Highlight events include the Zombie Walk, where practically the entire town of Ljutomer, from young to old, parade through the streets dressed as the undead, and concerts every night by amazing bands ranging from progressive folk music to black metal.” To sum up: “This festival is not for people with weak livers.”

Photograph by Tina Babič, courtesy of Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

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