Ax Wound Film Festival

Brattleboro, VT / November 9-10, 2018 /

If you think the moniker of this fest, now in its fourth year, refers to the kind of bodily damage you’ll see in its movies…well, there may be some of that, but it’s actually a euphemistic indication that this is a presentation of Women in Horror Month. “With its focus on horror films made by women, Ax Wound is quickly becoming the place to prove that horror is not beholden to one gender,” says a panelist. Under festival director Hannah “Neurotica” Forman, Ax Wound showcases features, shorts, and trailers and offers plenty of panels and networking opportunities, plus a long list of attending moviemakers and other guests, all part of a friendly, supportive environment for female talent. Diversity is not just Ax Wound’s mission statement; it also describes the impressive variety of themes and subjects of its showcased films.

The leading women in horror moviemaking gather for a group photo at Ax Wound Film Festival 2017. Photograph courtesy of Ax Wound Film Festival

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