Los Angeles, CA / October 2019 /

A Hollywood fixture since 2001 and the longest-running horror festival in the U.S., Screamfest—still run by Rachel Belofsky, who co-founded it with Ross Martin—continues to provide a venue for new films to be discovered by audiences and acquired by distributors. “Best known for unveiling Paranormal Activity in 2007,” one panelist says, “Screamfest has served as an amazing platform for launching careers.” Location, location, location is part of the advantage: “Networking at this amazing festival is unmatched, as it takes place in the heart of the movie industry,” another panelist notes. “Nothing beats an opening night at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre! My movie ended up signing with a distributor thanks to Screamfest.” Even those that don’t might still end up honored with a golden Skull Award, designed by the late effects master Stan Winston and given out in multiple categories to both features and shorts.

Genre film veteran Lin Shaye at Screamfest 2018’s Opening Night. Photograph by Dave Quan, courtesy of Screamfest

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