Provo, UT / September 6-14, 2019 /

One panelist appraises FilmQuest as “a superb festival for up-and-coming moviemakers, with a high focus on networking and excellent master classes.” No surprise, it was founded and is directed by Jonathan Martin, an award-winning moviemaker himself. The fest takes place in what the panelist describes as “straight-up Mormon country, which is quite a conundrum for a genre festival, especially when you throw horror in the mix.” Still, subversive cinema finds open arms at FilmQuest, and what macabre moviemaker wouldn’t want to compete for the FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy, a meticulously sculpted, 12-inch, three-pound brushed-silver statue of H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic god? This award is generously handed out in over 20 categories, including various technical areas and unproduced screenplays.

Oscar-winning make-up artist Joel Harlow (L) held a workshop on his storied career and did a live makeup demonstration on actor Ashley Edner (R) at FilmQuest 2018. Photograph by Daniel Amezcua, courtesy of FilmQuest

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