Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

Toronto, Canada / November 22-27, 2018 /

Of the several Canadian events that celebrate scare cinema, this one is devoted specifically to boosting talent from the Great White North. “Blood in the Snow has the reputation of being a moviemakers’ festival,” says a panelist, “and does an excellent job of attracting vast media attention.” What both press and audiences have found is an ever-expanding schedule (which has doubled in length since its inception) and an increasing number of world premieres. Director Kelly Michael Stewart and his team have not only fostered further exposure for their chosen features and shorts, they’ve done plenty of it themselves via a BITS TV series, the BITS Radio podcast, and a Bloody BITS Shorts Compilation DVD.

L to R: Programmer Jason Tannis, Festival Director Kelly Michael Stewart, Buckout Road director Matthew Currie Holmes and producer John Gillespie, Programmer Carolyn Mauricette, Programmer Melanie Turner, and Programmer Kirk Haviland at Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2017. Photograph by J. Kinniburgh and 5K Studio

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