Macabro International Horror Film Festival

Mexico City, Mexico / August 2019 /

Those who journey south of the border for Macabro “get not only a taste of horror but a taste of real Mexico,” says one panelist. Another raves, “No words are grand enough to describe this festival. One must simply experience it.” The country’s first genre fest has been bringing independent features and beloved classics (along with their makers, like Stuart Gordon and Lamberto Bava) to local audiences since 2002, with a focus on Latin cinema. According to our panelists, the movies themselves are just part of the appeal: “Macabro chooses the most haunting and beautiful locations for its screenings,” says one, and another notes, “Mexico City is vibrant and artistic, and the people— moviemakers, festival staff and audiences alike—are absolutely wonderful. You’ll enjoy tasty food and Latin music your feet can’t stop moving to. You will sweat. And you’ll make horror-loving friends for life.”

Moviemaker Fabián Forte grabs the mic at Macabro International Horror Film Festival 2018’s Karaoke Nightmare event at the Tigre Negro Club in Mexico City. Photograph by Sandra Monroy, courtesy of Macabro International Horror Film Festival

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