Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Brussels, Belgium / April 9-21, 2019 /

If you’re seeking a crowd as crazy as the films they’re watching, look no further than the 37-year-old Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. “BIFFF is totally bonkers, with a hardcore genre audience that shouts and screams at the silver screen during the entire screening,” says one panelist. “You better hope they like your film, because they’ll definitely let you know!” Adds another panelist, “BIFFF has the best and funniest introductions of the movies to the audience.” Director Guy Delmote oversees the selection of over 150 fearsome films for the fest’s 13 days; past winners of its Golden Raven award include Army of Darkness, Ringu, The Host, and I Saw the Devil. One highlight event, according to a panelist: “the Vampire Ball, a party where you’re required to dress up. Some of the fanatics spend several months creating their costumes!”

The energy among fest-goers is contagious at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2018’s ZomBIFFF Day. Photograph by Saskia Batugowski, courtesy of Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

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