Capital City Film Festival

April 2019  / Lansing, MI /

“Hospitality is spelled with a capital ‘H’” at the Michigan-based Capital City Film Festival, says a panelist, who adds, “These people know how to treat a filmmaker! The person who picked me up at the airport had watched my entire oeuvre, and had stacked the back of her car with a full bar and apothecary for the drive. The only thing I wasn’t offered was heroin.” CCFF’s closing night screening was hosted in a hot tub showroom”—a novelty so fun it’s worth the inevitable skin pruning from heated water exposure drawn out at feature-length runtime. Friends were made fast during CCFF 2018’s Brew & View Series, which showed such throwback crowd-pleasers as Beetlejuice and Super Troopers over craft beer at The Avenue, a local favorite watering hole.

Fest-goers take red carpet selfies on Capital City Film Festival’s red carpet. Photograph courtesy of Capital City Film Festival

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