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The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2018

The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2018

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Animafest Zagreb

June 2019 / Zagreb, Croatia /

Of all the animation festivals scattered throughout Europe and North America that one panelist has attended, “I have to say, Daniel Šuljić put together the best animated program I’ve seen yet at Animafest Zagreb”—a destination not to be missed by creatives working with animation in all its forms from traditional drawing, to stop motion, to CGI, to experimental mixed media, and beyond. Once one arrives at this richly curated hub in Croatia’s capital city, moviemakers and their respective teams are bussed out to a farm in the countryside where they go on hayrides and, afterward, are served a gourmet feast. “Lots of festivals give you free drinks—very few feed you and give you a hayride,” says a panelist.

An electric karaoke session unfolds at Animafest Zagreb 2018. Photograph courtesy of Animafest Zagreb

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