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September 1, 2015
As a confident movie-maker, don’t hesitate to ask your film crew for help. They aren’t your employees; they’re your collaborators.
August 14, 2013
“In the town of Osijiek, Croatia, Eduardo Flores, a correspondent for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia and a follower of
August 1, 2013
MovieMaker’s Editor’s Weekend Pick is Computer Chess, though we can’t resist sending a shout out to The Spectacular Now. Two
July 8, 2013
Like everyone else trying to forecast the economic landscape of independent film, over here at the MovieMaker offices, we think a lot
June 19, 2013
The inaugural AMFM Fest, which shares a valley with the Coachella Art and Music Festival, may have been too ambitious.
June 5, 2013
AMFM Fest, the new acronymic festival in the Coachella Valley, might just be aiming to overthrow that other four-letter film
April 18, 2013
On a Saturday afternoon at AFI Fest last November, I walked into a 4:15 PM screening of a Serbian film
April 9, 2013
By popular demand, Nairobi Half Life—Kenya’s first official submission for the Academy Awards ® and the 2012 AFI Fest Audience
April 9, 2013
Back in 2005, Paul Graham and Trevor Blackwell, two tech pioneers who’d made fortunes in Silicon Valley, founded a company
April 5, 2013
I don’t claim to be a Sam Peckinpah expert or a film critic by any means. I am a poster
April 4, 2013
Wading through the muck of Tribeca’s programming is always a tricky business. It’s gotten a bit easier in recent years,
April 2, 2013
On February 20 of this year, 75 days after launching their beta site, Seed&Spark—one of the most innovative crowdfunding platforms
April 1, 2013
I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of an interloper in the film world. I was an actress for 15 years, having
March 29, 2013
I was never really a fan of Harmony Korine’s work. I saw Kids (directed by Larry Clark) and Gummo, and
March 27, 2013
If French film in the 1950s was a convalescent in a hospice, as Godard and Truffaut claimed, the Nouvelle Vague
March 26, 2013
Anyone familiar with the films of Mike Leigh knows that, in the right hands, the seed of a story—a lovable
March 25, 2013
As Josh Ralske writes in his forthcoming MovieMaker interview… “I was never really a fan of Harmony Korine’s work. I
March 19, 2013
Washington, D.C.—This morning, the Embassy of Kenya in the U.S. announced its support for Nairobi Half Life, a Kenyan film
March 17, 2013
If Cinequest were a film, the plot would be too complicated to condense into an elevator pitch. For the last
March 17, 2013
I have a propensity for severe landscapes. Minimalist architecture excites me. Between a rain forest and a desert, I prefer
memphis festival
March 17, 2013
I am always excited when I get the chance to return to Memphis. After spending nine months there filming the documentary
March 17, 2013
The first weekend in May, 2013, fans of the cultural icon Humphrey Bogart—the man that the American Film Institute ranked
March 8, 2013
Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Read Part 4 Surely I’m not the only person in America weary of stylistic
March 6, 2013
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