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  • Distribution

    MovieMaker‘s Second Annual Guide to DIY Digital Distribution

    By September 30, 2013

    At a panel at the USC School of Cinematic Arts this June, Steven Spielberg, and George...

  • Articles

    Revenue Record: Yekra Crushes with Online Doc

    By July 8, 2013

    Like everyone else trying to forecast the economic landscape of independent film, over here at the MovieMaker offices,...

  • Articles - Auteur

    Rotterdam 2013: Hivos Tiger Award-winner Daniel Hoesl discusses Soldate Jeannette
    by James Kaelan

    By February 6, 2013

    The 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam, as always, awarded some of the most progressive young filmmakers...

  • Articles - Festival Beat

    Sundance Dispatch 05: MovieMaker sits down with Grand Jury and Audience Award-winner Ryan Coogler of Fruitvale, the team behind the 99% documentary, and the President of Yekra

    By January 29, 2013

    In this fifth and final episode, MovieMaker sits down with 2013 Grand Jury and Audience Award-winning...

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