Watch cutting-edge indie cinema online on without having to leave the MovieMaker community.

VOD company Yekra is revolutionary, democratic and DIY: everything we believe in at MovieMaker Magazine. Their slate of VOD releases features films as vastly different and innovative as the inspiring romantic comedy Austenland and the independent horror film American Mary. We’ve selected our 12 favorite films from their library to present to you for immediate rental.

Note – most of these films can’t be found on Netflix, and many cost less on than on Amazon. Through Yekra, independent film resources like MovieMaker can receive a small percentage of the rental fees from viewers who watch them through our website portal, so your choice to rent a film through our website is a way to share your appreciation for MovieMaker! - Watch American Mary Now!

American Mary

Making films an ongoing part of our daily lives is integral to so many of our readers (and our staff). We eat, breathe, and sleep films, and we imagine that many of our readers do as well. Using our VOD platform is an ideal way to see movies while also contributing to the ongoing strength of MovieMaker Magazine.

We’ve curated a lineup that we think have managed to live up to MovieMaker’s high standards: in addition to the narrative features Austenland and American Mary,  we’re streaming the documentaries The Armstrong Lie, Inside Job, Linsanity, Spark, The Legend of “Cool” Disco Dan, A Fierce Green Fire, Sunset Strip, CBGB, Femme, Comedy Warriors, Tattoo Nation, Storm Surfers, and The Other Shore. Check out our VOD page for the films and more information, and feel free to watch now. - Watch CBGB Now!