What do you give the friend that has everything? A movie they haven’t seen, of course! With MovieMaker‘s VOD multiplex boasting new 18 titles, we put together a little gifting guide for 18 different people in your friendship circles.

The best thing about our Yekra player is, you can buy a film for someone else. Select the “Gift Rental” option in the player, and they’ll get a notification letting them know that you’ve spotted them a virtual ticket! It’s the perfect instant birthday present (or, hey, a cheap date). On our Watch Now page, you’ll find an array of different movies – a film for every kind of film fan. Refer to the following list to figure out the right film for your friend.


1. For the English Major: Austenland

Trust us: Your sister, girlfriend or mom has harbored fantasies, at some point in their lives, about meeting their very own Mr. Darcy. So Keri Russell’s journey into Pride and Prejudice fandom, at a fictional Jane Austen-themed resort, will resonate only too well.

2. For the Supernaturally-Inclined Francophile: Afflicted

Afflicted is for the die-hard horror fan you know. Do they love watching unsuspecting tourists suffer excruciating fates? Do they revel in found-footage thrillers like the Paranormal Activity series? Afflicted follows two friends that record their unbelievable encounter with vampires in modern-day Paris.

3. For the Tender-Hearted: London River

London River is the perfect film for the friend that wants to spend an evening sobbing on the couch over a genuinely sad drama. A tearjerker based on the 2005 terrorist attacks in London, London River is a poignant, dark, and very deep story of loss and pain.

4. For the Ink-Addicted: Tattoo Nation

For someone obsessed with body art, Tattoo Nation is a must-see. Celebrities Danny Trejo, Ed Hardy, and Travis Barker are just among a few that are interviewed in this exploration of the art and culture of tattoos.

5. For the Go-Getter: The Other Shore

Do you know someone inspired by stories of perseverance and determination? The Other Shore follows legendary swimmer Diana Nyad as she swims 103 miles, non-stop, from Cuba to Florida despite strong currents, sharks, and other aquatic dangers.

6. For the West Coast Music Lover: Sunset Strip

For your rock-star obsessed friend, Sunset Strip delivers a fascinating history of one of the most glamorous stretches of street in the world, from speakeasies in the 1920s, hair-metal bands in the ’80s, up to the present.

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7. For the East Coast Music Lover: CBGB

Or is the New York punk scene more of their thing? Featuring everyone from Alan Rickman to Rupert Grint, this comedy about the ups and downs of Hilly Kristal’s Country, Bluegrass and Blues (hence the acronym) nightclub has a killer soundtrack: Blondie, the Velvet Underground and the Ramones.

8. For the Aspiring Stand-Up Comedian: Comedy Warriors

Someone you know dealing with loss might need an uplifting, inspiring story that reinforces just how important the power of laughter can be for the healing process. In Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor, five Iraq war vets attempt stand-up comedy with mentorship from established comedians Zach Galifianakis, Lewis Black, and Bob Saget.

9. For the Feminist: Femme

The feminist you know will appreciate Femme, from director Emmanuel Itier. Sharon Stone, Gloria Steinem, and Maria Conchito Alonso are only a few of the 100 influential women interviewed in this documentary that instills a hopeful message about gender equality.

10. For the Extreme Sports Fanatic: Storm Surfers

If the surfer dude in your acquaintance can tear himself away from the waves for a couple of hours, he could watch surfing legends Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll take on epic winter waves despite drastic weather conditions, exhaustion, and even near-death encounters.

11. For the Ass-Kicking Old-School Broad: GLOW

Anyone who can’t get enough of ’80s nostalgia and women showing off their impressive wrestling skills will get a serious kick out of the new GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) documentary, about the ragtag troupe of female wrestlers with stage names like “Sally the Farmer’s Daughter” and “Dementia.”

12. For the Armchair Psychologist: The Armstrong Lie

Alex Gibney’s portrait disgraced former hero Lance Armstrong is a fascinating look into the mind of one of the sporting world’s greatest con-men: how he doped, manipulated, and flat-out lied his way into the record books of professional cycling. How, and why, did Armstrong embark on such a large-scale deceit? Give your friend a peek into his psyche.

13. For the Houston Rockets Fan: Linsanity

Evan Jackson Leong’s documentary follows the stratospheric rise of NBA superstar Jeremy Lin, from his childhood in Palo Alto to his burst of glory with the New York Knicks. The film, which premiered at Sundance in 2013, was deemed an instant crowd-pleaser by the Los Angeles Times – a slam-dunk for any basketball fans you know.

14. For the Stock Trader: Inside Job

Inside Job, Charles Ferguson’s sharp look at the 2008 financial crisis, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2010, and remains an urgent and ever-relevant primer to the current U.S. economic situation.

15. For the Burning Man (or Woman): Spark

The New York Times has called Spark the next best thing to attending Burning Man – so whether your friend has participated in the week-long event, or simply dreams of going one day, this documentary will whet their palate for more.


16. For the Horror Geek: American Mary

The Soska Sisters’ 2012 American Mary isn’t for the faint of heart (squeamish friends might prefer Austenland, above), with its story about a medical student who finds herself increasingly enmeshed in an underground body modification community. But if you know any fans of female-driven gore, this is a must-see.

17. For the Socially-Minded Graffiti Artist: The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan

Narrated by Henry Rollins, The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan tells the story of black Washington D.C. (the “other” Washington D.C., entirely separate from the emblem of political and cultural power that first comes to mind) seen through the eyes of a cult-like graffiti artist.

18. For the Tree Hugger with a Heart of Gold: A Fierce Green Fire

The environmental message behind A Fierce Green Fire, from grassroots to global movements, will make even the staunchest denier wonder about the long-term effects of climate change.

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