The 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam, as always, awarded some of the most progressive young filmmakers in the world with the coveted Hivos Tiger Award. In this dispatch, MovieMaker chats with Tiger Award-winning Austrian auteur Daniel Hoesl about his film Soldate Jeannette. Hoesl, who made his film for $60,000, cast his actresses before writing the script, then developed a story based on their unique biographies. One actress grew up in a castle, the other on a farm. Soldate Jeannette, a commentary both on class and materialism, brings their distinct worlds together organically.

Hoesl may be the heir apparent of Michael Haneke’s Austrian empire of feel-bad cinema, but this isn’t The Seventh Continent. Soldate Jeannette is a rebellion against money, but not a suicidal one.

Look for our print interview with Tiger Award winner Mohammed Shirvani of Fat Shaker in the Spring issue.