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March 7, 2019
A sleepy college town in late fall. Changing leaves and crisp air. It’s a peaceful autumn idyll for some, a
February 14, 2019
“I just always loved and enjoyed watching movies,” says Jorge Lendeborg Jr. of how he got bit by the proverbial bug. “My
January 14, 2019
“I make material that I find interesting,” says director Jen McGowan. “I’m a feminist, so those themes are present, but
December 6, 2018
“I am a creature of habit,” says When Jeff Tried to Save the World director Kendall Goldberg. “But while I
November 8, 2018
Kristen Ruhlin knows a thing or two about perseverance. The screenwriter and star of Welcome to Mercy—a trippy dive into
October 29, 2018
In September, director Jeremy Saulnier and screenwriter Macon Blair attended Fantastic Fest 2018 to present Hold the Dark—a fully-immersive cinematic
October 26, 2018
At its heart, Fantastic Fest is not simply a film festival: It’s a weeklong experience of controlled extremity, in which
August 30, 2018
Colin Minihan and Brittany Allen are no strangers to multitasking. Now on the road with What Keeps You Alive, the
August 3, 2018
Few personalities encapsulate the brilliantly mad spirit of genre cinema more completely than Canadian actor Michael Ironside. In attendance at
August 2, 2018
“I’m not joking when I say that Fantasia was our film school,” says François Simard of the Canadian directing trio RKSS, who
May 14, 2018
“I’ve always felt that the gender disparity on screen is the most easily-fixed area of inequality,” says Bentonville Film Festival