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Movie News: Mulan Rumbles; Spike Lee and the FBI; Gone With the Wind Returns

Movie News: Mulan Rumbles; Spike Lee and the FBI; Gone With the Wind Returns

Mulan Tenet censorship

Movie News

In today’s Movie News Rundown: Things don’t look great for the Mulan release date; how a Spike Lee movie spurred the FBI to action; and Gone With the Wind is back with caveats. Also, a question for you: Would you go to a movie theater now? Tell us in the comments section below.

Mulan Release in Jeopardy? Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the July 24 release date for Mulan may be pushed because of an upturn in the number of COVID-19 cases nationwide. The U.S. reported a record Wednesday for new cases — 36,880, according to the New York Times. Obviously a movie release date is the least of our problems, but the surge isn’t great news for the July 31 Tenet release date, either. Deadline agrees that it would “not be a shocker” if Mulan moves.

Would you Go to a Movie Theater Now? Tell us in the comments. We discuss all the considerations involved in entering a theater in the latest Low Key Podcast, with perspectives from three different states: Texas, Tennessee and Massachusetts. It’s a surprisingly lighthearted talk, because you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying. Listen on Apple, Spotify or right here:

Pandemic Red Carpet: Variety‘s Mark Malkin reports from the first red carpet since the start of the pandemic, for the comedy aTypical Wednesday. Though the space could hold 200, 60 attended. They had their temperatures taken and wore face masks.

Spike Lee and the Power of Film: In July 1997, Spike Lee was preparing for an Oscar-qualification run of his documentary 4 Little Girls — when he got an unexpected call from the FBI. Sophie Martinez wrote this terrific piece about the ability of film to make people in power do the right thing.

Gone With the Wind Back With Disclaimer: Mere days after it disappeared from HBO Max, Gone With the Wind has returned to the platform with a disclaimer featuring film scholar Jacqueline Stewart. “The film has been repeatedly protested, dating back the announcement of its production,” Stewart notes, according to Variety. “Producer David O. Selznick was well aware that Black audiences were deeply concerned about the film’s handling of the topic of slavery and its treatment of Black characters.” Stewart, a professor at the University of Chicago, also notes that Black cast members were not allowed to attend the movie’s premiere and that Hattie McDaniel was not allowed to sit with the white cast members when she won her Oscar for the film.

Comment of the Day: “Great movie!” says  Clifton Jones of Da 5 Bloods, responding to Sam Lively’s story about why Spike Lee chose not to de-age his lead actors for flashback scenes. It’s by far the most popular post on our site this week.

And now, yesterday’s movie news.

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  1. I would not go indoors. I am comfortable with outdoor screenings.

  2. Ron Merk says:

    Until there is solid information that the pandemic is over, I will not risk my health or that of my loved ones to see a movie. I love movies, and always have, but they are just movies. Life is real. They are not. We must remember our priorities.

  3. Denyse Woo-Ockerman says:

    No I would not attend a movie theater right now.
    If there was a drive-in movies theater I would but I am in the HIGH RISK CATEGORY for getting Covid-19.
    I love movies with all my heart. But I will not risk my health or my family’s health for under 2 hrs of visual enjoyment surrounded by people who don’t think the same way I do amid this virus.

  4. Laura Vazquez says:

    I would not go to a movie theatre right now. We have not managed the virus in this country well enough for me to feel confident that my health and safety would be a priority.

  5. David Hollingsworth says:

    As much as I would love to see inside a movie theater again, I don’t think that its safe or appropriate to do so. Although I’m not the biggest fan of streaming, there’s still that, and physical media (which I still really love).

  6. Jonathan Mark Rogers says:

    My family and I are counting the days till our theatres re-open. We will be there on opening day and plan to go frequently throughout the summer! Social emotional needs are just as important as physical health!

  7. dante alencastre says:

    definitely not. even though i used to go 2 0r 3 times a week before covid.
    firm believer than there is nothing like watching films on a big screen.

  8. Bruce Nash says:

    I hate to say it, but I won’t be going back to a movie theater until the pandemic is fully contained. Apart from the risk to myself, passing an infection on to others and sustaining the spread would be irresponsible. I can support local theaters through virtual theatrical releases for now, although I realize that’s a drop in the bucket.

  9. No bloody way. Not til 2022 after a Vaccine has proven effective and there are no other viruses.

    Gear to Streaming and Binge Viewing for creating

  10. Hairaira Smith says:

    Yes. If EVERYONE wears masks and 50% capacity.

  11. Christopher Moore says:

    As an avid moviegoer and aspiring filmmaker, going to the movies in the summer is one of the most cherished things I like to do… I hate that I can’t do it now where I am in Texas, but I will not ignore this disease and how it’s spreading. I don’t know that I would go to a theater right now, nor bring my son and wife… I would need iron clad guarantees for safety -and we can’t even really get that for the disease overall, anyway.

  12. Halle karlin says:

    Would we go to the movies, as in a public theater, right now? What a hilarious question. Are you as dumb as the president? Yeah, bring on the popcorn and a a dash of Covid! Dumb schmuvks..

  13. Steve Warren says:

    Reassessing every day. Almost went to a local screening last night until they provided an online alternative. If it’s my only way to see something like Tenet I’ll probably go, but it may depend on the numbers when the time comes.

  14. Rob says:

    There’s absolutely no way I’d go to a movie theatre right now. And I actually can’t imagine going to one until at least 2021. I worked for years for one of the larger, Oscar-qualifying film festivals too. There are far too many risks right now associated with confined spaces like a theatre. And you just know that even if masks are required, 90% of customers would remove their masks at the moment the theatre goes dark and the movie begins.

  15. I won’t go to a theater right now. In fact, I don’t go anywhere indoors. And I love movies. Don’t trust the spread of the pandemic.

  16. Todd says:

    Global cases of COVID are still accelerating, US cases are still accelerating, in my state of Arizona we are setting records for new cases almost daily. The infection rate of people under 40 is exploding because of a lack of social distancing. If you base your decisions on science then it is a no-brainer, I’ll stay home and watch movies where the risk to my family is minimal.

  17. David West says:

    When my local theater started re-opening a few weeks ago I went day one just like I’d promised I would since the beginning of this. I saw The Wretched and enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s only open on the weekends right now, and I was out of town for work so I missed last weekend, but I’m planning to go again. I never would have stopped going at least once a week if theaters had remained open.

  18. Tom Luca says:

    #KeepFilmAlive #KeepMovieTheatersAlive

  19. Anne says:

    No, No I would not go to a movie theater right now! Not even for WonderWoman who, BTW, wouldn’t want you to go to a movie right now! Because there is a virus that makes people really sick and I dont want to get it or give it to anyone, because thats just stupid! Theres a freaking virus! Its not gone just because the Gov says we can go shopping! Wake up!

  20. Steve says:

    I no longer leave the house and anyone who goes to a theater now with cases rising is a fucking idiot.

  21. Philip Stone says:

    I would go to a movie tonight if there was one I wanted to see and the theater was open.

  22. Carol says:

    I love going to the show and was looking forward to Tenet and Wonder woman and I believe the best way to experience these movies is in the theater but because some people ar so irresponsible I think I would have to stay at home

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