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Lindsay Lohan lands a rom-com; the producer who hired Kevin Spacey speaks out — and so does Paul Schrader; how to make movies with your significant other. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

But First: David Weil is the creator of Amazon’s bold Solos, featuring monologues from Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Dan Stevens and Constance Wu. He told us he learned to love a well-told story as a boy, at his grandmother’s table.

Couples Therapy: In the latest MovieMaker podcast, directors Jessica Hester and Derek Schweickart discuss their new film Coast — and their job on Showtime’s Couples Therapy. Do they have good advice for couples who also make movies together? They sure do. You can listen on Apple or Spotify or here:

Lindsay Lohan Returns: After years away from the big screen, Lindsay Lohan will star in a new Netflix holiday rom-com. According to the logline, according to Variety, she will play a “newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress” who gets amnesia in a skiing accident and “finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.” I for one would love for Lindsay Lohan to have a Robert Downey Jr.-style massive comeback.

Kevin Spacey: Louis Nero, producer of L’uomo Che Disegno Dio, the Italian film that just cast Kevin Spacey, told CNN he believes the accusations against Spacey are “false” and explains, “I cast him because he is a great actor.” Spacey has not been convicted of any wrongdoing but has been ostracized by Hollywood because of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct. Here’s some Spacey background.

Paul Schrader: “About time,” the director and screenwriter said of Spacey’s casting, on Facebook. “If he’s guilty of a crime, incarcerate him. If not, let him act. Many great artists have been bad people.”

This Just In: Here’s the brand-new trailer for Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp, and Diana Rigg, among others. Looks brilliant.

Comment of the Day: Somewhat surprisingly, we only got two comments about Kevin Spacey’s casting yesterday. One was a donut innuendo I didn’t totally follow, but we appreciate all comments. The other was this, from a Johnson McGee: “I’m fine with him making a comeback. I think he got a bum rap.” Anyone have a differing opinion? Share it below.

Remember That Time Lindsay Lohan and Paul Schrader Made a Movie Together? Despite my appreciation for their work, I still haven’t seen 2013’s The Canyons, written by Bret Easton Ellis, one of my favorite writers. And I just now realized Gus Van Sant is in it, too. Has anyone seen The Canyons? Is it good?

Main image: Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, directed by Paul Schrader.