San Francisco (March 4)

West Coast-ready, the pals found a perfect cycling realm in San Francisco. Exerting themselves to climb the famous hills made for an amusing time. Though gathering in a bar is a faint memory for everyone at the moment, they reveled at the Tonga Room, a tiki bar inside the Fairmont Hotel, where a band played on a floating raff.  Drinks and exercise are opposing choices, but a balance was created. For Marvin, riding bikes with his best friend had turned a bonding and brainstorming ritual.

“Mike had always been riding, but leading up to the movie, because the opening scene was so demanding, we had to be in good bike shape. We started riding bikes every day and that became part of our process. Mike likes to exercise period, so it’s a good chance for us to think about something else and do a little bit of exercise, which helps the writing process. That just carried on. We tend to ride a couple times a week during the workday just to get out and sweat, talk, look around, and not just stare at our computer screens. It’s become part of our lives,” Marvin said.

Michael Angelo Covino in San Francisco

Michael Angelo Covino in San Francisco.

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