Houston  (March 2)

Sushi was in order for their next stop in the Lone Star State. Covino and Marvin were also excited about the city’s bike lanes, all along the highways. Throughout the tour they visited multiple bike shops to meet people and drop off promotional water bottles.

In Houston, they headed to the Bicycle Speed Shop and Coffee, which resembles, in concept, a bike/coffee shop that appears in the movie. The fictional one was built inside a storage area in a New York repair business. Though they don’t believe The Climb is a cycling movie per se, that angle has helped with promotion. The poster shows them on bikes, for example.

On Doing Morning Shows During an Intense News Cycle

Houston kicked off a series of morning show appearances. Prior to this, neither of them had appeared on live television, and now they had five of these brief chats scheduled in the course of a week.  Wearing spandex, as if about to go for a ride, they would do a general pitch on the movie’s subject matter, and then riff with the host to keep it as loose as possible.

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“There’s a visceral quickness to morning shows because it’s live and you’re in-studio,” said Marvin. “There is something really different about it because you don’t really know what’s going on. No one really tells you, you’re just standing there and then someone’s like, “Five, four, three, two,” and then it just starts and you’re like, ‘Oh, shit. Here we go.’ It goes by pretty quickly, five or six minutes and then you’re done,” said Marvin.

The Climb Kyle Marvin

Kyle Marvin (L) and Michael Angelo Covino do a local TV spot in Houston to promote The Climb.

Other more pressing events interfered with their segments. Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race as they were in the studio waiting to go on for the first time. Soon after, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race, so their participation was once again delayed. “It became this funny thing,” said Covino. “We were constantly going to these shows and kept getting bumped. It was first candidates dropping out of the democratic race and then the pandemic took over.”

“Probably the most surreal thing was going into those places like the Associated Press, seeing the newsrooms in full effect, and being part of the news cycle of America through both of those things. That was definitely a surreal window into that world, which I had never seen,” added Marvin.

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