Denver (March 3)

A quick turnaround took them to Colorado’s capital for about a day and half. Another round of interviews and a screening at the Sie Film Center, a theater managed by the Denver Film Society, consumed most of their time, but they still managed to explore the streets and coffee shops on bikes.

From showing their film at a variety of facilities that cater to cinephiles, they’ve gained an appreciation for Q&As, and in particular for the audiences. “You always get a question you’ve never heard before, which I think is pleasantly surprising,” said Covino. “It’s fantastic when someone responds to your movie. Even if it’s an absurd question, it’s a question they feel compelled enough to raise their hand in a group of 200 people and say it out loud. That’s always a really interesting and weird experiment,” added Marvin.

The Climb Kyle Marvin Michael Angelo Covino

A stop for Michael Angelo Covino (L) and Kyle Marvin to promote The Climb in Denver.

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