What time are the Oscars? Where? The Oscars are on tonight on ABC at 5 PT/8 ET.

That’s it. You’ve Googled a simple question and there’s a simple answer. No 12 paragraphs of fluff about who’s nominated for what.

Where can you watch the Oscars online? With a cable company login at abc.com/watch-live/abc, or  on the ABC app, if you’re an ABC subscriber.

You might also want to try Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV or FuboTV. You’ll need a subscription, but you can sign up for a free trial and cancel tomorrow. (Or maybe you’ll be so impressed you’ll keep going. Your call.)

You should stop reading now; all the necessary information is above. Enjoy the Oscars, which again, are on ABC at 5 PT/8 ET.

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Hopefully that’s all the information you need and you can click away now. Ideally, you didn’t click at all, because the answer you need is right in the headline and the photo, taken from the Oscars website.

But if you’re still here, thanks, and also: Why, every year, do we have to endure dozens of stories telling us how to tune into the Oscars that take forever to actually tell us how to tune into the Oscars? It isn’t a secret. These clickbait tricks to force us to click on a headline, then scroll through boilerplate copy and ads, are one of the reasons so many people are so sick of so many websites.

I wouldn’t even have written this post, except that I myself wasted a surprising number of seconds finding an answer to the basic question “Where are the Oscars on” because I knew what time the the Oscars are on — at 8 ET/5 PT — but couldn’t remember what network the Oscars are on. (It’s ABC, of course.)

One website I like, Vulture, actually wanted me to log in to get an answer to this basic question. Another website I like, The New York Times, expected me to scroll down. And you have to be a Times subscriber, which I am, but lots of people aren’t, you know?

Things don’t need to be so complicated.

Why am I still typing? Because unfortunately, search engines don’t prioritize stories with the most succinct, easy-to-find information. They try, bless their little algorithmic hearts, to provide what they think is a substantive story, and that means lots of text. So the more words I type, and the more I type very specific phrases like “what time are the Oscars on” and “How to watch the Oscars online,” the more the search engine crawlers will elevate this story. It’s silly, I know. But if I don’t type this stuff, you’ll never find this story, and you’ll be stuck entering your email into some other website to get an answer you should be able to get in two seconds.

Anyway, it seems like it will be a good show.

Oh, another thing: I need to link to another website or two for search engines to register this story as legit and informative, so here’s a link to the Oscars website, which announces right up front what time the Oscars, are on — tonight at 8 ET/5 PT, on ABC.

Search engines also like when you include some internal links, for whatever reason, so here’s a link to the MovieMaker homepage. And, to really win the search engines over, a link to our newsletter, which you can subscribe to for free if you want. It takes 10 seconds.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. You really didn’t have to do that and I appreciate it.

The Oscars are on ABC at 8 ET/5 PT, but you know that.