Tom Cruise Space Walk; Sydney Sweeney Is Barbarella; Creepy Dolls Galore M3GAN trailer
Main Image: Jeremy Pope in The Inspection courtesy of The New Orleans Film Society.

Universal wants to make Tom Cruise the first civilian to do a space walk outside of the International Space Station; Sydney Sweeney will star in a Barbarella remake; If you liked Annabelle, there’s a new creepy doll movie called M3GAN from the mind of James Wan. All in today’s Movie News Rundown.

But First: The 33rd annual New Orleans Film Festival will open with The Inspection, Elegance Bratton’s narrative feature debut, on Thursday, November 3, at 7:00 PM. Bratton and producers Effie Brown and Chester Algernal Gordon will be in attendance.

Autumn in Mongolia: Director Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam’s new family drama Harvest Moon is a story of fatherhood and found family set in the breathtaking pastures of Mongolia during the fall. In case you were wondering, it has nothing to do with Neil Young. Instead, it follows the story of a little boy who needs a father figure and a city-dweller who just lost one. Read more about the lovely film, which just had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival and will play at the Asian World Film Festival in Culver City in November, here.

Sydney Sweeney Is BarbarellaThe Euphoria star will take on the role originally played by Jane Fonda in an upcoming remake of the classic 1968 space-age movie Barbarella, based on the comic book by Jean-Claude Forest, according to Deadline. Sweeney will also executive produce the new film, though it has no director or writer attached yet. Our own Tim Molloy has more details here.

Unrelated: I’ve never seen the original Barbarella, but I was a huge fan of Babar the Elephant as a kid, which is phonetically similar. How ’bout a remake of the 1989 Babar movie? Anyone?

Marvel Shifts: Disney has changed the release dates for several of its films, including four Marvel movies: Blade, Fantastic Four, Avengers: Secret Wars, and the next Deadpool movie, according to Deadline. The reason for the pushback on Blade, starring Mahershala Ali as a vampire, is that director Bassim Tariq has departed and the production is now looking to replace him. Though we’ll have to wait longer for these films, at least we’ll get them eventually.

Tom Cruise to Walk in Space: Universal Film Entertainment Group chairman Donna Langley wants to make Tom Cruise the first civilian to take a space walk outside of the International Space Station, according to the BBC. It’s for a new movie that takes place on earth, but in which Tom Cruise’s character needs to go to space to save the day. The film is still in its infancy, but wouldn’t that be cool?

M3GAN Trailer: Do you like Chuckie, Annabelle, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, or horror movies with creepy, humanoid dolls? Then you’ll like the trailer for M3GAN, a new film from the mind of Saw‘s James Wan. It’s about a scientist (Allison Williams) who designs an A.I.-powered doll called M3GAN to keep her little niece, Cady, company after she loses her parents. But then M3GAN goes rogue and decides to start revenge-killing Cady’s bullies. Watch the trailer here.

This Reminds Me: Of the time my dad took me to see The Conjuring in the theater. The year was 2013, I was 16, and we were in Rhode Island where the movie is set, so it felt extra real and horrifying. After it was over, my dad overheard some guy say something that has forever been immortalized in our family’s vernacular: “I’m all set with that doll.”

I’ll Leave You With This: The Annabelle scene from the first Conjuring movie.

Main Image: Jeremy Pope in The Inspection courtesy of The New Orleans Film Society.