Syndey Sweeney to Star in Barbarella Remake

Sydney Sweeney will star in a remake of the 1968 kitsch classic Barbarella, which the Euphoria and White Lotus actress will also executive produce, Deadline reports.

Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda and directed by her then-husband, Roger Vadim, told the story of a 41st century astronaut named Barbarella (Fonda) who battles the evil scientist Durand Durand. The film, full of cheeky sexual innuendo, wasn’t a success in the U.S., but was immensely popular in the United Kingdom. It eventually inspired countless dorm-room posters, ironic pop culture references, and the name of rock band Duran Duran. A New York Times writer once declared Barbarella to be “the most iconic sex goddess of the 60’s.” Stars from Britney Spears to Kylie Minogue have paid homage to her space-age glamor.

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Deadline, which broke the news, says no story details have been set for the new film, which, like the original, is based on Jean-Claude Forest’s French comic book. No writer or director is yet attached.

The oft-memed Sweeney, 25, has quickly taken an active role in shaping her own career and roles.  She’s also expected to star and executive produce and star in The Registration, based on the novel by Madison Lawson and set in a world where it’s legal to commit one murder in your lifetime, if you follow certain rules. She’ll also star in Madame Webb — part of Sony and Marvel’s spider-verse that includes the Venom franchise — alongside Dakota Johnson. Sweeney was nominated for Emmys this year for her roles in both Euphoria and The White Lotus.

The original Barbarella, Jane Fonda, is also riding high — she’s starring in Grace and Frankie on Netflix and in the upcoming feature film 80 for Brady, voiced a dragon for Luck, and is one of the subjects of Still Working 9 to 5, a documentary looking back at her 1980 film 9 to 5, and the enduring fight for gender equality. You can check out our full interview with the film’s producers on AppleSpotify or here:

Main image: Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria and Jane Fonda in Barbarella.