Silence of the Lambs house Buffalo Bill

In today’s Movie News Rundown: The Silence of the Lambs house where Buffalo Bill lived has sold; Borat neatly foreshadowed Rudy Giuliani’s latest vetting debacle; and the woman who inspired the Jennifer Lopez character in Hustlers has lost her suit against the film. Plus: Mads Mikkelson as Grindewald?

It Places the Lotion in the Welcome Basket: The western Pennsylvania home that served as Buffalo Bill’s house in Silence of the Lambs has a new owner after receiving six offers. Yes, it has a huge basement. No, there’s no pit.

Borat Saw This Coming: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm proved that Rudy Giuliani is very bad at vetting when Maria Bakalova, playing Borat’s daughter, was able to easily lure him into a compromising situation in a hotel room. Now Giuliani’s apparent inability to Google has come back to bite him again: His first witness in his attempt to undo the 2020 election turns out to be a convicted sex offender.

Maria Bakalova Borat Daughter Actress

Maria Bakalova in real life (L) and in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Bakalova Signs to CAA: If you thought Bakalova had a bright future after seeing her steal scenes in Borat, her new agents agree. Deadline has the details. Here’s our introduction to Bakalova from when Borat Subsequent Moviefilm came out what feels like 1,000 years ago.

Other Worlds Lineup: The Other Worlds Film Festival, which recently made our list of The World’s Best 50 Genre Fests, has announced its official program selections for its upcoming festival taking place virtually from Dec. 1–6. Badges are available here“I’m excited that we will get to give Lapsis its Austin audience premiere, after it was intended to play SXSW,” said festival founder Bears Rebecca Fonté. “Sweet River and Bleed With Me are character-driven Under Worlds entries that don’t make sense in many other genre fests but are perfect for us. Dune Drifter starts Battlestar Galactica and ends a little more Europa Report. And I’m excited to premiere the first ever Weirder Worlds sidebar where the animated space rock opera Death of a Rockstar is joined by ultra-violent LGBTQ thriller Playdurizm and the sci-fi/horror puppet comedy Creatures from the puppet creation team behind The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. If you like CrittersGhoulies or Gremlins, then Tony Jopia has just delivered the Christmas-themed creature sci-fi puppet comedy you’ve been asking for.” More details are here.

Mads Mikkelson as Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Buffalo Bill Silence of the Lambs

Mads Mikkelson in Hannibal. Hannibal Lecter’s real-life house is not currently for sale.

Mads Mikkelson as Grindewald?: The Hannibal star is in talks to play the villain in the new Fantastic Beasts film, replacing Johnny Depp, who was asked to step down, Deadline reports. The site also says the film, directed by David Yates and starring Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law, is already shooting. It is due in summer 2022.

Hustlers Win: A judge rejected a lawsuit from Samantha Barbash, who inspired Jennifer Lopez’s stripper character in Hustlers, The Hollywood Reporter saysShe sued STX, Gloria Sanchez Productions and Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions, alleging that Hustlers exploited her likeness without her permission and defamed her.

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