By providing a space where short films can be appreciated without competing for attention alongside feature films, Palm Springs International ShortFest has positioned itself as the must-attend event for emerging storytellers working in the short form medium. 

Packaged in thematically relevant blocks, shorts from around the world take center stage at this untainted celebration of cinema, where no celebrity or industry heavyweight obscures the real talent being highlighted. 

But with so many wonderful movies being exhibited and the perception that today it’s easier than ever before to make an independent movie, one tends to forget the precarious road every moviemaker travels before crossing the finish line. Accessible technology doesn’t eliminate all the other factors that go into crafting a concise storytelling experience.

At the 2019 ShortFest, MovieMaker asked 13 directors and directing teams behind some of this edition’s major standouts to comment on what they find to be the most difficult aspects of creating short narratives, as well as some of the pleasures and advantages of working in this format in the digital age.

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