greener grass recent indie movie recommendations

We hope this list of recent indie movie recommendations will make this tough time suck less. Remember a few months ago, when you felt buried in content and overwhelmed by viewing options? 

In the recent golden past, it felt as if Oscar contenders, Sundance films, streaming service mini-series, and cable TV shows were raining down from the sky, creating a flood of content that was almost impossible to navigate. Now, with the nation on lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, binge-watching has become the new national pastime (baseball’s postponed) and those overflowing playlists are being drained at record speeds. 

If you’re a movie buff, being indefinitely self-quarantined means you’ll be thirsty for new films to watch within a week or two. Instead of just rewatching classics, check out these recent indie movie recommendations for movies that came and went in theaters (or never played in theaters at all) and are now available for streaming.

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