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Guns Akimbo (iTunes)

Since wrapping up his decade-long run as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has split his time between pursuing dramatic roles on stage and bizarre alt-comedy parts on screen. Guns Akimbo fits right in with the latter, taking its place alongside classic roles like a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man (2016) and a low-level angel in the TBS series Miracle Workers. Here, he plays a hapless mobile game programmers who gets his kicks drunk trolling participants of a city-wide, underground, live-streamed murder contest.

As should happen to all trolls, Radcliffe gets kidnapped and injected into the contest, with guns bolted to his hands and, for some reason, all of his clothing stripped off. The movie is violent, bloody, and very silly, with a video game-style overlay that’ll look familiar to anyone under 25. Samara Weaving joins as a kickass murder machine with a haircut that rivals Radcliffe’s pistol palms in brutality.

Guns Akimbo indie movie recommendations

Guns Akimbo

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