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Greener Grass (Hulu, iTunes)

This is the weirdest film on the list, which is saying something in a lineup that also includes a movie that has Harry Potter with guns bolted to his palms, a French cartoon about a severed hand crawling around Paris, and an HP Lovecraft flick starring Nicolas Cage and Tommy Chong. But Greener Grass, a neon-soaked suburban satire about a WASP community that’s like a 1950s sitcom on acid, certainly earns the distinction.

Written, directed, and starring first-time filmmakers (and long-time improv stars) Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe, Greener Grass is both a jet-black satire and absurdist piece about demented (yet all too familiar) soccer moms in an unspoken rivalry that brings ruin to their town and families. SNL star Beck Bennet and Neil Casey, who featured in the Ghostbusters reboot and the HBO show Avenue 5, also star.

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Recent indie movie recommendations: Greener Grass

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