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In today’s Movie News Rundown: How Superman IV, a movie in which Morgan Freeman does not appear, made Morgan Freeman a star; an oral history of Metropolitan; and watch people watch DTF, a new documentary about an airline pilot’s Tinder sex spiral.

‘How the Hell Do We Get Out of This?’: Deadline‘s Anthony D’Allesandro argues that theaters and studios need to unite to amplify the message that theaters are safe. Are they, though? Here are some conflicting opinions from scientists.

Superman IV: We’re incredibly proud to present the latest episode of Dan Delgado’s The Industry podcast, about Hollywood’s strangest decisions. This episode: How Superman IV became a disaster — but indirectly launched Morgan Freeman’s film career. You can listen on Apple or Spotify or here:

Chris Rock: I don’t need to be the 16th person to tell you to read this excellent New York Times interview, which is being widely quoted because of his takes on racism, Trump and COVID-19. But also? I had no idea he almost played Jimmy Olsen in the Tim Burton Superman movie with Nicolas Cage.

Metropolitan Oral History: Town and Country did a lovely oral history of the debut Whit Stillman film that helped launch the 1990s indie film boom. His three ’90s films — Barcelona and Last Days of Disco are the others — are among my all-time favorites, endlessly quotable and inscrutably weird. The article also explains how Stillman influenced Noah Baumbach films and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Spiral: The new documentary DTF follows a widowed airline pilot who goes into a sex spiral, seeking out unsuspecting Tinder dates all over the world. It’s also a fascinating look at what a documentarian — in this case Alan Bailey — should do when his subject may be putting himself and others at risk. To give you an idea of how captivating and teeth-clenching it is to see the film, DTF released a video of several people watching — including a pilot, a former sex worker, and a relationship expert. Here you go:

Still DTF: You can read more about the film here and listen to my interview with Bailey on the latest MovieMaker Interviews podcast, available on Apple or Spotify or here:

Why All the Podcasts? Look, I love podcasts. You can listen to them while you walk or do other things that require your eyes but not your ears. Once I painted a kitchen listening to You Must Remember This, and it was bliss. But also: You read so many interviews with people where quotes seem out of context or confusing. I’d rather give you the full audio to decide for yourself. All our podcasts are here.

News Flash: TheWrap‘s Umberto Gonzales, who is well-sourced on all things superhero, adds new detail to the story of Cyborg actor Ray Fisher’s fight with Warner Bros. over what he calls “abusive, unprofessional” behavior by director Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League. Gonzales exclusively reports that Fisher was offered a part in the upcoming Warner Bros. film The Flash just before he tweeted his Whedon complaints. Citing insiders, he writes, “Warner Bros. has not heard back from Fisher’s team since offering the small role back in June — and plans for a standalone Cyborg movie have stalled.” Warner Bros. is investigating, and Aquaman star Jason Momoa has publicly sided with Fisher.

Pieces of a Woman: The Hollywood Reporter has a good interview with Hungarian filmmakers Kornel Mundruczo and Kata Weber that you shouldn’t read until you see their film, which I promise will get Vanessa Kirby an Oscar nomination. Everyone is spoiling details of it because it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, but it’s better to see it knowing nothing.

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