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Here Are All the Competition Award Winners From SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2021

Here Are All the Competition Award Winners From SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2021

SCAD Savannah Film Festival competition winners

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The list of competition winners from SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2021 is out.

Taking place beneath Savannah, Georgia’s plentiful live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, Savannah College of Art and Design’s 24th annual festival highlights work by SCAD students and alumni — nearly 15,000 of which work in entertainment fields including animation, writing, editing, and performing arts. In addition to home-grown talent, the festival also screens films by filmmakers both large and small from around the world, including some of this year’s most anticipated movies: Belfast, C’mon C’mon, Dune, King Richard, Spencer, and The Last Duel.

Out of more than 150 films that are screening at the festival this week, there were 45 narrative films, 15 documentaries, and 97 shorts — and out of the whopping 104 films that were chosen to compete in categories like narrative features, documentary features, professional shorts, animated shorts, documentary shorts, student shorts, global shorts forum, and shorts spotlight, SCAD decorated 29 of them with awards.

From the professional competition, highlights include The Falconer, which won Best Narrative Feature — plus, its co-writers and directors Adam Sjöberg and Seanne Winslow also jointly won Best Director. Porcupine won both the Jury Award for Excellence in Storytelling and the Jury Award for Best Performance, and The Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story directed by Paul Michael Angell won Best Documentary Feature.

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Other highlights include Rudy Days directed by Noah Wong, which won Best Narrative Short Directed by a SCAD Student; Senior Prom directed by Luisa Conlon won the Shorts Spotlight Best of Show; and These Final Hours directed by Lionel Coleman won the Global Shorts Forum Best of Show.

But just because the competition winners are out doesn’t mean the festival is over — it’s still going until Oct. 30. See the full list of competition winners below.

Professional Competition

Best Animated Short – “The Mechanical Dancer” directed by Jenna Jaillet.

Best Documentary Feature – Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story, directed by Paul Michael Angell.

Best Documentary Short – “A Broken House” directed by Jimmy Goldblum.

Best Narrative Short – “Feeling Through” directed by Doug Roland.

Best Narrative Feature – The Falconer, directed by Adam Sjöberg and Seanne Winslow.

Best Director – Adam Sjöberg and Seanne Winslow, The Falconer.

Best Editing – Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance, directed by Khadifa Wong.

Jury Award for Excellence in Storytelling – Porcupine, directed by M. Cahill.

Jury Award for Best Performance – Jena Malone, Porcupine.

Jury Award for Global Impact – WOMB: Women of My Billion, directed by Ajitesh Sharma.

Jury Award for Artistic Excellence – Under the Skin, the Bark, directed by Franck Dion.

Student Competition

Best Narrative Short Directed by a SCAD Student – “Ruby Days” directed by Noah Wong.

Best Student Short – “Rubber Gun Club” directed by Alex Bendo.

Best Student Animation – “A Tiny Tale” directed by Sylvain Civillier, Chloé Bourdic Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maÿlis Mosny, and Zijing Ye.

Best Animation by a SCAD Student – “The Ocean Duck” directed by Huda Razzak.

Student Shorts Jury Award for Artistic Excellence – “Migrants” directed by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, and Zoé Devise.

Global Shorts Forum

Global Shorts Forum Best of Show – “These Final Hours” directed by Lionel Coleman.

Best Global Short: Black Voices – “These Final Hours” directed by Lionel Coleman.

Best Global Short: HERStory – “Empiric” directed by Ioana Turcan.

Best Global Short: Tales from the Pandemic – “The Beyond” directed by Daniel Maurer.

Best Narrative Short – “Undercut” directed by Kelly Pike.

Global Impact Award – “COVID-19 New Orleans” directed by Nilanjan Neil Lahiri and N. Shanmuga Sundaram.

Global Impact Award – “Wide Open Dreams” directed by Paulina Jaskiewicz.

Global Shorts Forum Jury Award – “Peek-A-Boom” directed by Maya Zankoul and Toni Yammine.

Shorts Spotlight

Shorts Spotlight Best of Show – “Senior Prom” directed by Luisa Conlon.

Shorts Spotlight Best Short: Pride Parade – “Taffeta” directed by Lovell Holder.

Shorts Spotlight Best Short: This American Life – “The Night I Left America” directed by Laki Karavias.

Shorts Spotlight Best Short: Trigger Warnings – “Growing Pains” directed by Ruthie Harrison.

Shorts Spotlight Jury Award for Excellence in Storytelling – “Break Any Spell” directed by Anton Jøsef.

Main image: SCAD Savannah Film Festival screening of Belfast followed by a Q&A with Kenneth Branagh at the Trustees Theater. Photo courtesy of SCAD.

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