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What Happened to Christina Whittaker, the Missing Woman From Hannibal, Missouri in Relentless?

What Happened to Christina Whittaker, the Missing Woman From Hannibal, Missouri in Relentless?

Christina Whittaker missing hannibal missouri Relentless

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Things are not always as they appear in Hannibal, Missouri.

A town that was once famous for being the birthplace of Mark Twain has become the setting for the bizarre disappearance of Christina Whittaker, a young mother who went missing in 2009. Her story is the focus of a new six-part docuseries on Discovery+.

Aptly called Relentless, the series chronicles director Christina Fontana’s 11-year investigation into Whittaker’s disappearance, which took place November 13, 2009, when she was 21 years old.

At first glance, Whittaker’s case doesn’t seem so different from the thousands of other unsolved missing cases that quietly languish in cold case files across the country. But just like the town of Hannibal, there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface of this strange true-crime mystery.

Though the docuseries offers several different theories as to what could have happened to Whittaker, her mother, Cindy Young, told local ABC 7 channel KHQA on the 10th anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance in 2019 that she believes her daughter may have fallen victim to human traffickers.

“She had asked several people for a ride that night,” Young said. “Even people that she didn’t know. I think she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think the wrong people just got ahold of her.”

The last confirmed sighting of Whittaker was outside of Sportsman’s bar in Hannibal on that cold November night in 2009. But even after all this time, Young still holds out hope that her daughter will be found alive.

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“Christina, if you see this, honey, please contact me,” Young added in the KHQA interview. “Please give just a call. No one’s going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. We all need you. We need you back home. You don’t have to come if you don’t want, but at least call me, and let me know you’re okay. I need to hear your voice. I just want you to know I love you with all my heart. You’re my little hero, little survivor. I’m so proud of you. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

It’s the same story that Fontana was first told when she began investigating Whittaker’s case just eight months after she disappeared back in 2009. But the more she got to know the people of Hannibal, the more she began to hear different stories about what happened to Whittaker — including one very popular theory that she never actually disappeared and instead has been living a state away in Peoria, Illinois of her own volition, all this time.

Fontana soon discovered that for every plausible theory, there are dozens more heading in completely different directions. The countless theories that Fontana investigates in Relentless also include that Whittaker was murdered and her body disposed of at a hog farm; that she was kidnapped and held in a basement before being sold into sex work; and that she was killed in a hit and run on the night she disappeared in Hannibal, among many others.

Unfortunately for Fontana, Young, and the multiple private investigators hired to help solve the case, none of these theories come with a shred of evidence to back them up.

Hannibal police declined to discuss the case with Fontana for the Discovery+ docuseries, but authorities told KHQA that they’ve worked with the FBI, conducted digs, and interviewed prisoners incarcerated for other crimes in their efforts to find out what happened to Whittaker — but they’ve never been able to crack the case.

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Lt. Jacob Nacke told KHQA that he hoped the 10th anniversary of the case in 2019 would generate new leads.

“We would prefer that people don’t be the judge of the credibility of their information,” Lt. Nacke said at the time. “Let us try to determine that. If we don’t get the information, it creates some frustration out of our end, so we just want to encourage everyone to talk about it.”

However, the case still remains unsolved.

The first five episodes of Relentless, produced for Discovery+ by Blumhouse in association with Stick Figure Entertainment, are now streaming on Discovery+.

This story was originally published on June 28, 2021, and has been updated.

Main Image: Christina Whittaker pictured in Relentless via Discovery+. 

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  1. Susan D Smith says:

    This is an awesome docu series. I’m glued to it

  2. Josie says:

    I love the series but good grief that police station has serious issues, that whole department needs looking into and charged.

  3. Allie says:

    Moral of the Story, don’t do drugs, date abusive men, and/or sleep with dirty cops. Hannibal Police Department is so crooked. It’s unbelievable. But great documentary!

  4. Bobby G says:

    Watched all 4 episodes. I was glued to the screen for the entire time but found the ending to be very disappointing. As a result cannot recommend this 4 part series to anyone

  5. Chris says:

    FYI There are six episodes in all.

  6. Jac says:

    So Darren was murdered since Fontana said he would never have committed suicide. When will we know what happened to him. I tried searching for him but w/o his last name I’m not getting anywhere.

  7. Marie says:

    Darin Eugene Logue
    October 16, 1972 – September

  8. Jules C says:

    Same. Just watched it. I was thinking there must be some information online, but couldn’t find anything. I really hope that former officer isn’t really dead. Hoping this is just more misinformation in a that insane town.

  9. Lanny Akridge says:

    Hey I lived in Hannibal for 35 years. What is crazy is I know these people and just seen this and I must say that they are spot on with the way it is there. Well about my friend Darin. I heard last year he committed suicide. I didn’t know about this documentary until recently in the past few months. I can say that when I heard he passed like that I thought that it was out of line for his character. He lived life fast but loved life. I was shocked actually to hear that. So now I see this.. well I definitely believe it. I haven’t watched all of 4 yet but when I seen the part with him I started googling also. His dad owns Logues restaurant on highway 61 if anyone is up for discussion let me know.

  10. Kimberly Ann Goldston says:

    I think the entire force should be charged, plus a big question to me. What will happen to that little girl? Living in that same environment around the same corrupt cops. A family embroiled in drugs, around a man that may have sexually abused is step daughter. Plus during one episode she says I sleep on the sofa, I have nightmares. When Christina asked what about she looked uncomfortable and said I don’t want to talk about that. If that is not a red flag I dont know what is. Plus the disgust I feel for the new owners of the property not letting them look on the land unless they get compensated, it’s just infuriating. I hope Christina that made the docuseries finds peace.

  11. To Christina Fontana. I relate. You stuck steadfast to something you felt passionate about despite the toll. You made christina and hannibal real. I have a love for these people despite the rights and wrongs. Were human.

  12. This is one of the best little docuseries I have watched, ever. It is intriguing and no matter how hard you try not to watch, it draws you in. From the extremely questionable cast of characters, including the local ” police” and the missing girls mother, it’s the train wreck you can’t stop watching.

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