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Movie News: 1BR Hit by Fire and Thieves; Chris Hemsworth’s 12 Minutes of Extraction Carnage; Georgia’s Dilemma

Movie News: 1BR Hit by Fire and Thieves; Chris Hemsworth’s 12 Minutes of Extraction Carnage; Georgia’s Dilemma

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Movie News

In today’s Movie News Roundup: How the new horror film 1BR overcame preposterous problems; Extraction director Sam Hargrave tells us how he led Chris Hemsworth through a 12-minute, continuous fight scene, often while strapped to the hood of a car; and Georgia’s plan to reopen movie theaters isn’t going great. Also: a free Stephen King excerpt.

Brand-New 1BRThe new horror film 1BR is streaming today, and producer Alok Mishra wrote us a pretty wild behind-the-scenes story about how it came to be. It involves an actress dropping out, a massive fire, and a police pursuit of a stolen production truck. Also: Coronavirus. The good news is that 1BR is getting great reviews. They earned them.

Inside Extraction: The new Chris Hemsworth movie is the best action movie of the year. Granted, it’s a weird year. But even in a normal one, I can’t imagine a more impressive sequence that the 12-minute, seemingly continuous shot in Extraction in which Hemsworth leads a young boy through unbelievable carnage, unbelievably quickly, doing stunts that would be impressive even with lots of editing and fixes in post. The reason that sequence is possible is our guest on the latest MovieMaker Interviews podcast, Sam Hargrave.

You can listen on Spotify or by pushing the arrow button right here:


Peachy: Variety explains why not everyone is eager to go along with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s plan to reopen movie theaters. But you can probably guess the reason.

More Mergers: The Hollywood Reporter says the current less-than-great financial situation will likely spur more studio mergers. This could clear up a lot of rights issues for my spec script, Seinfeld vs. Predator.

Stephen Graham Joins Peaky Blinders: Here’s a match made in British heaven. Stephen Graham, who played Tony Pro in The Irishman and Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire, is joining the crackerjack ensemble of Peaky Blinders, Deadline reports. Here’s our recent interview with Graham about his very different kind of performance in The Virtues.

That Other Stephen: EW has an excerpt from Stephen King’s new book. You know when you see a billboard with a message that seems much too specific to be on a billboard? It’s about that.

And now we go gently into that good weekend with a little link to yesterday’s movie news. Have you made your Rambo movie yet?

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