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Austin Film Festival screenwriters to watch
April 5, 2023
In any movie or TV show, the screenwriters dream up the worlds we see on our screens, long before they
May 2, 2019
Whether you’re grinding it out in a large or small market, the first stage of moviemaking—screenwriting—is unenviably lonesome, full of endless
April 30, 2018
Screenwriters are the first to step forward when called upon to deliver their often thankless, solitary labor, and they still tend
April 25, 2017
Last year, we debuted the 25 Screenwriters to Watch list in partnership with Austin Film Festival, selecting 25 up-and-comers with,
April 24, 2017
Maybe the idea of “watching a screenwriter” sounds a little like watching a kettle boil: Sit at desk. Clutch pen
July 19, 2016
Screenwriters are, of course, the perennially overworked, underappreciated artists whose heart, soul and lifeblood the movie world depends on. Since