David Cronenberg Retrospective

Announced a few weeks ago for the Festival are a series of double features (and one triple feature) from one of the living masters of horror: David Cronenberg. The mini festival-within-a-festival includes screenings of many of Cronenberg’s most major works like The Fly (1986) and Videodrome (1983) as well as under-seen gems such as Shivers (1975), Rabid (1977) and Spider (2002) throughout the course of Beyond Fest. The highlight here, beyond the ability to experience the profound discomfort of these amazing films on the big screen, is the ability to experience that profound discomfort in 35mm, as well as with the cast and filmmakers in attendance.

David Cronenberg on the set of Eastern Promises (2007).

There will be Q&A sessions with Cronenberg himself, composer Howard Shore and actresses Debbie Harry, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Geena Davis. MM

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