All the Colors of the Dark

Co-presented by Cinematic Void, this free screening highlight some of the very best that the Italian Giallo sub-genre has to offer. Director Sergio Martino goes all-out with this psychedelic spin on Rosemary’s Baby—a tale of a woman (played by Edwige Fenech) who delves into magic and witchcraft to try to alleviate her recurring and increasingly worrisome nightmares. From here, All the Colors of the Dark launches into a mesmerizing phantasmagorical free-for-all, with fractured dutch angles making the most out of sets both mundane and colorfully exotic. The chance to see this on the big screen, in the premiere of a brand new restoration, is a wonderful opportunity, if for nothing else than to hear the soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai—one of the very best of its era—booming through the speakers in the Egyptian theater. The howling occult theme song is a delirious highlight.

Ivan Rassimov leads a sexed-up cult in All the Colors of the Dark (1972).

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