10 Things We Just Learned about Clueless on its 25th Anniversary

Some of our favorite Clueless slang was influenced by a UCLA Linguistics Department slang list 

Heckerling told The Wrap that “monet” and other Clueless slang words came from a slang list published by the UCLA Linguistics Department.

“You keep your ear to the ground and you do research and you hear things, and a lot of things came from gay friends, from rap songs, from linguistics, from old slang dictionaries, and old movies and songs,” Heckerling said.

Take a look here at UCLA’s 1993 slang list and bonus points if you can find “monet.”

The black-and-white gym outfits gave individual characters’ styles a chance to shine

Heckerling told Variety that different characters wore colors to represent the seasons, and that the team went with black and white for gym class to maintain consistency. 

“It needed to be state of the art fashionable in styles that still reflected each of the characters,” Heckerling said.

May noted in an interview with Vogue that she embraced a gym uniform idea with a twist: “They had to have their characters stand out.” 

“Cher is wearing the white top with the strappy tank, Dionne is wearing a fabulous tuxedo shirt. I love the striped outfit for our little fashion victim, Amber,” May said.

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