For our series What’s in Your Kit, we ask a range of working cinematographers to share the gear they can’t live without.

This week, Autumn Durald (Palo Alto, One and Two) reveals what’s in her kit.


The Kit

A. Canon EOS 7D / $900

On each feature I have Panavision put a PV mount on my 7D. That way I can take stills on set with the lenses I’m shooting with.

B. UE Boom / $200

Best portable speaker out there. I like to listen to music in my hotel room or wherever my temporary home is.

C. Sunglasses / $250

Always have them on me. A great way to check when the sun decides to break from the clouds.

D. San Francisco Giants Hat

This was my grandfather’s hat. It’s as old as I am.

E. Lavender Oil / $25

Putting this on keeps me relaxed on long flights. It also helps get rid of headaches.

F. Newman’s Own Organics Ginger Mints / $2

My favorite candy. Ginger solves any ailment in my book.

G. Photo of my Grandfather

On Palo Alto, director Gia Coppola and I stuck photos of my grandfather and her father on our camera to look after us. Ever since then, this comes with me on every job.

H. Contax T2 35mm Camera and Fuji 1600 ASA Natura / $300

I got this from a used camera store in Tokyo. I like to take at least one film still on my sets.
Gia turned me on to this film. Whenever I’m in Tokyo I buy us some.

I. Panda Black Licorice / $3

My second favorite candy. I have a sweet tooth.

J. iPhone / $299

I always use the apps Helios and Artemis on scouts. A 5s is pictured here because I needed the 6 to take the picture—the camera is so much better!

K. Sekonic L-758 Dual Light Meter / $800

Yup, I still use a light meter.

L. Mophie Powerstation Mini / $60

Always need a portable phone charger on set.

M. Skross World Travel Adapter / $40

You gotta be able to charge your phone ASAP in any country.

Autumn Durald on the set of Andrew Droz Palermo’s upcoming feature, One and Two.

Autumn Durald on the set of Andrew Droz Palermo’s upcoming feature, One and Two. Photo by: Jack Caswell.

N. Passport

For the last two years I’ve been traveling nonstop. I never leave home without it.

O. Lucky Cashmere Scarf and Gloves / $300

I’ve spent a lot of time on uncomfortable night shoots, so keeping warm is a must. I was going to include my Canada Goose jacket—it’s too big—because I don’t leave home without it. Changing climates and countries over the course of a single job is a norm.

P. Marlene Dumas Postcard / £2

I recently got this postcard at the Tate, when I saw the Dumas exhibit there. When traveling, I like to carry inspiring art to hang on walls.

Q. Macbook Air / $1,000

I always have my laptop on me. I like to color-correct the stills from my dailies in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom if I didn’t get a chance to perfect them on set with my DIT.

R. Aesop Hand Lotion / $25

An addiction.

S. PNY 32GB USB Turbo 3.0 Flash Drive / $15

At the end of each shoot day, my DIT puts a still from each setup on this thumb drive.

T. Moleskine and Pen /  $8

I got this pen on a job in Tokyo. It’s now my lucky pen. After each shoot, I write down what I liked about it and what I didn’t like.

Gear I’d Love to Have:

A magic wand to control the sun.

I Can’t Live Without:

My instincts, my sense of taste and a great crew. MM

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