Wonder Woman 3 Plans Scrapped (Report)
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

We asked MovieMaker readers in a recent Movie News Roundup if you would go to a movie theater now, knowing what you know. You had some very passionate, very thoughtful responses — and they were almost unanimously opposed to the idea.

“Until there is solid information that the pandemic is over, I will not risk my health or that of my loved ones to see a movie. I love movies, and always have, but they are just movies. Life is real. They are not. We must remember our priorities,” wrote one commenter.

We asked the question as COVID-19 cases again surge across the country. And as Tenet, the most anticipated movie of the summer (especially now that so many films are delayed) again pushed its release date, this time from July 31 to Aug. 12. It had previously been slated for July 17.

The reluctance to return to theaters was in line with a recent national survey that found that 70 percent of respondents would rather watch new releases at home. The survey came before the current spike in cases.

So: Would you go to a movie theater now? Here are a few of your responses.

“I would not go indoors. I am comfortable with outdoor screenings,” said the first person to comment. (Though many gave their names, we aren’t listing them because we didn’t ask for permission to do so.)

“No, I would not attend a movie theater right now. If there was a drive-in movies theater I would but I am in the HIGH RISK CATEGORY for getting Covid-19. I love movies with all my heart. But I will not risk my health or my family’s health for under 2 hrs of visual enjoyment surrounded by people who don’t think the same way I do amid this virus,” someone else said.

“I would not go to a movie theatre right now. We have not managed the virus in this country well enough for me to feel confident that my health and safety would be a priority,” anther commenter wrote.

“As much as I would love to see inside a movie theater again, I don’t think that its safe or appropriate to do so. Although I’m not the biggest fan of streaming, there’s still that, and physical media (which I still really love),” wrote another commenter.

“My family and I are counting the days till our theatres re-open. We will be there on opening day and plan to go frequently throughout the summer! Social emotional needs are just as important as physical health!” the next commenter said.

“No bloody way. Not til 2022 after a Vaccine has proven effective and there are no other viruses,” said someone else.

“Yes. If EVERYONE wears masks and 50% capacity,” another commenter wrote.

“As an avid moviegoer and aspiring filmmaker, going to the movies in the summer is one of the most cherished things I like to do… I hate that I can’t do it now where I am in Texas, but I will not ignore this disease and how it’s spreading. I don’t know that I would go to a theater right now, nor bring my son and wife… I would need iron clad guarantees for safety -and we can’t even really get that for the disease overall, anyway,” wrote the next commenter.

“Reassessing every day,” wrote another respondent. “Almost went to a local screening last night until they provided an online alternative. If it’s my only way to see something like Tenet I’ll probably go, but it may depend on the numbers when the time comes.”

“I won’t go to a theater right now. In fact, I don’t go anywhere indoors. And I love movies. Don’t trust the spread of the pandemic,” said the next to respond.

“Global cases of COVID are still accelerating, US cases are still accelerating, in my state of Arizona we are setting records for new cases almost daily,” someone else said. “The infection rate of people under 40 is exploding because of a lack of social distancing. If you base your decisions on science then it is a no-brainer, I’ll stay home and watch movies where the risk to my family is minimal.”

And a commenter identified only as Anne summed it up like this: “No I would not go to a movie theater right now! Not even for Wonder Woman who, BTW, wouldn’t want you to go to a movie right now! Because there is a virus that makes people really sick and I dont want to get it or give it to anyone, because thats just stupid! Theres a freaking virus! Its not gone just because the Gov says we can go shopping! Wake up!”

This is by no means a national survey, but it is a collection of comments from people who love movies enough to frequent a website devoted to movies. We discussed the subject of whether we would go to a movie now on the latest Low Key Podcast, featuring perspectives from Texas, Tennessee and Massachusetts. You can listen, if you like, on Apple or on Spotify or right here:

Finally, you can read more responses here, and share your thoughts in the comments below.