“Loch Raven” by Animal Collective 

Trey Edward Shults: We ended up taking “Loch Raven” out of the opening. We use it later on the phone call between Emily and Luke, but in the script I had “Loch Raven” as the opening, because for me that song feels like a beautiful spirit. It feels like a spirit kind of evolving, whether that’s love or someone’s spirit, and that felt right. I wanted to set this dichotomy up from the beginning with that tone, and then clash it and contrast it with jumping in this car and going in a spinning 360 with a totally different kind of Animal Collective song. 

But in the final movie, “Loch Raven” isn’t in there in the opening, it’s just the sounds of Emily and her bike, and that surreal beauty was enough. We didn’t need the music. Before, I thought I’d need that in the opening to then recall that later on, so you felt where this thing was going now spiritually, but we ended up not feeling like we needed it in the opening.

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