Our generation will be celebrating music and freedom in a different fashion: Through a DVD.

August 15th, 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock music festival. To celebrate, Warner Home Video plans to release a new DVD of the fest, including newly discovered full performances from artists such as The Who and Joe Cocker. The DVD will also include thoughts and insights from various musicians, celebrities and other industry experts regarding the cultural impact of Woodstock 40 years after the event. Also within this Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be a short documentary by Robert Kline, adapted from his memorabilia-filled book, Children of the 60’s. Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature Bob Maurice produced the DVD, while the crew included notable moviemakers such as Martin Scorsese. This may just be the perfect time to take a look back to 40 years ago for, as WHV’s executive VP Jeff Baker says, “The music, artists and spirit of Woodstock resonate as strongly today as in 1969.”