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    Academy of Art University

    By January 17, 2013 Academy of Art University’s School of Motion Pictures and Television fosters creativity and independence in...

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    Academy of Film Arts

    By January 17, 2013

    For the aspiring moviemaker with no time to spare, the Academy of Film Arts (AFA) is...

  • Articles - Coming Attractions

    Sundance 2013 Breakdown: What’s in a Logline?

    By January 4, 2013

    We make snap judgements about which movies we’re going to see and not see all the...

  • Articles - Festival Beat

    NewFilmmakers Los Angeles: Looking back at the August offerings

    By December 13, 2012

    Come January, when MovieMaker launches its new site, we’ll be doing a monthly update with NewFilmmakers...

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    Tip Jar: Make a Profit with Vimeo

    By December 10, 2012

    One of the world’s largest creative networks, the video-sharing website Vimeo reaches a global audience of...

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    An Education on Education: Taking the pulse of today’s film schools

    By December 10, 2012

    by Jennifer M. Wood | Published October 16, 2012 As a magazine written by, for and about independent...

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    Just Crowdfund the $&*# Movie!: Hollywood, Wisconsin

    By December 3, 2012

    Welcome to Just Crowdfund the $&*# Movie!, MovieMaker‘s blog where indie moviemaker Jayce Bartok talks about...

  • Articles - Festival Beat

    NewFilmmakers Los Angeles: Back on

    By November 28, 2012

    During MovieMaker’s transition from New York to Los Angeles, one of the awesome features that fell...

  • Articles - Coming Attractions

    Aaron Sorkin’s 3-Scene Take On Jobs and Harmony Korine’s “Spring” Release

    By November 21, 2012

    Aaron Sorkin, Sony’s writer for their upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, spoke at Newsweek and The Daily...

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