The caped crusader has finally let down his guard. A new movie has taken over the number one spot: Ben Stiller’s new hit comedy, Tropic Thunder, which made just over $37 million since its Wednesday release. In its fifth weekend in theaters, for the first time, The Dark Knight came to reckon with the number two spot, taking in $16.79 million.

Claiming the number three spot was Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is not only a new animated Star Wars feature, but also the pilot for an upcoming TV series. Mirrors, the new horror movie starring Kiefer Sutherland, took the number four spot with approximately $11.1 million. The Seth Rogen stoner comedy The Pineapple Express slipped down to a disappointing number five spot at the box office, taking in a mere $10 million in its second weekend.

Will Tropic Thunder sustain its top spot next week when the new Legally Blonde-enthused comedy The House Bunny, starring Anna Faris, hits theaters? Find out on next week’s Top of the Box Office report.