For this week’s Crowdfunder Pick, MovieMaker spotlights Equal Means Equal, a documentary by award-winning documentarian and feminist, Kamala Lopez, as she explores contemporary gender politics and the controversy that surrounds the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).


Reminiscent of the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary Miss Representation, Lopez’s in-progress film Equal Means Equal explores the appalling inequalities women face even today . Comparing herself to Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, Lopez, self-described as a “Sarah Silverman but half-Latina/half-East Indian and straight out of Brooklyn” aims to tackle current feminist issues with a little spunk.

The crux of the documentary is the controversial Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment to the constitution that would, if ratified by the remaining states, would explicitly guarantee equality for all citizens in America regardless of sex. In a culture as ostensibly progressive as ours, the fact that women are still not being paid the same amounts as men in the workplace doesn’t just seem unfair, it seems like a joke: a dryly satirical one-liner straight out of Mad Men, perhaps. “Most women in this country believe in general they’re protected under the constitution. And that is not the reality,” Senator Robert Menendez states in a clip from the trailer.

The range of subjects Lopez has brought on for the film is impressive, to say the least. From Wanda Sykes to Chelsea Handler to Congressional sponsors, the documentary presents creative and original interviews, archival and historical footage, and visual arts (all featured in the trailer below). Lopez has her own production company, Heroica Films, and has already shot and edited her provocative interviews and B-roll in California and Washington with influential and pioneering women groups such as NOW, The Feminist Majority, National Coalition of Women’s Organizations, and the National Women’s Political Caucus. Lopez has also interviewed various female comedy writers and performers from shows such as Ellen, Conan, Chelsea Lately, The Colbert Report, Late Night With David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Rounding out the production team are author and investigative journalist Gini Sikes, Joel Marshall, and Sundance Award-winning producer, Chip Hourihan. All in all, the film looks to voice an important message, told with passion, hilarity and skill – a winning combination for the perfect crowdfunder!

Synopsis: A documentary about current social issues regarding the inequality women face today. The documentary features award-winning actress, screenwriter, director, and producer Kamala Lopez.

Campaigners: Gini Sikes, Jeff Mueller, Chip Hourihan

Target Amount: $87,011

Amount Currently Raised: $15,513

Campaign Opening Date: Oct 2, 2013

Campaign Closing Date: Oct 21, 2013 (18 days)

Funding Goes Toward: Production expenses. Lopez’s team is traveling to New York to further interview experts such as Soon-Young Yoon from the Committee on The Status of Women at the UN and Ellen Chesler (Roosevelt Institute)

Donor Reward Highlights:

$7: Facebook, Twitter and website acknowledgement.

$25: A beautiful book with exclusive, behind-the-scenes images and insights from the film.

$55: Hand-written mail in the post. Includes all downloads and acknowledgements.

$100: Receive a signed copy of investigative journalist Gini Sikes’ book.

$750: Private meeting with the filmmakers.

$2000: Private screening in Los Angeles.

$5000: Become an Associate Producer and attend a private party!

Visit the documentary’s Kickstarter page to learn more about the film.  

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