The Half of It Alice Wu

In today’s Movie News Rundown: Christopher Nolan uses the word “fascinating” to describe a lot of things, and we looked at five of them; Covid-19 couldn’t stop The Climb; and Alice Wu talks about her teen Cyrano film The Half of It. Plus: Have y’all heard of this group called “Pink Floyd”? Not bad.

It’s Friday the 13th: Be careful out there. I think I’m gonna rewatch either the original or 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, which famously ended the series forever.

Christopher Nolan’s Fascinations: The Tenet director is obviously fascinated by time. But Tom Shone’s new book The Nolan Variations says he’s also fascinated by an 1868 detective novel, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. We wrote about how Nolan’s fascinations inform his work.

The Climb: Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin co-wrote and co-star in The Climb, a hilarious love letter to a friendship between two friends who like bicycling. They tried to promote the film with a spring bike tour — but COVID-19 happened. Here’s how their publicity tour fell apart. The Climb is in theaters now.

The Half of It: The Half of It, from writer director Alice Wu, is kind of like an ’80s teen comedy if the protagonist were a gay Chinese-American girl. In the latest MovieMaker Interviews podcast, she talks with Eric Steuer about how early heartbreak with a straight male best friend helped inform the film. “In best friendships, there is kind of a romance in it,” she says. She also explains why football players aren’t cool anymore, and the years she spent attending a Mormon church even though she isn’t Mormon. You can listen on Apple or Spotify or here:

Adam Kimmel: Variety has a detailed story about the cinematographer of Beautiful Girls, Capote and Never Let Me Go. “One thing you won’t glean from the list of Kimmel’s impressive credits on his IMDb page: He’s a registered sex offender,” reporter Kate Aurthur writes. Kimmel was charged with having sex repeatedly with a girl when she was 15 and 16. He pleaded guilty to rape in the third degree in 2004. He told Variety he had “consensual sex with someone under the legal age of consent,” adding that he had accepted “this responsibility and the repercussions that followed.” He was charged in another case involving a different 15-year-old girl in 201o, but said the charges were dismissed and the record was sealed. “I was innocent of those charges,” he said.

Frontline Podcast: Our greatest documentary series, PBS’ Frontline, is pairing with BBC Panorama on I’m Not A Monster, about an American mom who joined ISIS with her family: Her husband became a sniper, and her 10-year old son made a propaganda video. Here’s the trailer, and you can learn more at, where you can also watch full Frontine episodes.

LBC: Filming in the coastal town of Long Beach, which quite capable doubled for Miami for Showtime’s Dexter, is slowly coming back, says the Long Beach Post. “Things are starting back up now in terms of filming,” Tasha Day, manager of Special Events and Filming in Long Beach, told the Post. “We’ve had a bunch of commercials since the governor eased restrictions in June.” I grew up over the bridge from Long Beach in San Pedro and they’re gorgeous places to film.

The Nolan-San Pedro High School Fascinations: The experience of going to high school kind of burned me out on Pink Floyd but darned if this isn’t still great:

And Now: Yesterday’s Movie News. Have a great weekend everybody, and try not to be a break in anyone else’s wall.