For movie with such positive pre-release buzz, the delayed opening of The Kite Runner, a film about a man’s return to his home country of Afghanistan, is somewhat surprising. The film, based on the novel of the same title, has had its recently been pushed back to December 14.  But with the help of a few friends, and a little Internet savvy, you can secure an advanced screening of the film for your town. To do so, visit and either start your own Kite Runner Club or join somebody else’s.

The more people a group acquires, the better prizes its members will receive. To land an advanced screening, a club needs to acquire 100 members. Also, the captain of the most active club, a designation determined by tracking the group’s “Kite Club Activities,” can win a trip to Los Angeles for the film’s red carpet premiere or a trip to San Francisco to dine with Khaled Hosseini, the author of the novel. “Kite Club Activities” include tasks such as posting on “Kite Runner” message boards and placing trailers and banner ads on personal Websites. Basically, you’re giving the film free advertising, but with the chance to win your own advanced screening of the film, the contest just seems too good to pass up.