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The Great Debaters Video Debate Contest

The Great Debaters Video Debate Contest

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Itching to show that you can argue passionately about something other than movies? Well thanks to Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington’s Oscar bait The Great Debaters, now you can. The film’s producers, The Weinstein Company, in partnership with the Princeton Review, are holding The Great Debaters Video Debate Contest, an online competition that invites all who are interested to vehemently argue a position in hopes of winning prizes. Located at, the contest calls for teams of two to submit videos no longer than four minutes showcasing their debating talent. The available topics for discussion include affirmative action, right to privacy on social networking Websites and civil disobedience as a means to justice.

The deadline for debaters and prospective contest winners to submit their videos is January 31, 2008. After a panel of judges reviews the videos, eight finalists will be chosen. These eight teams will then each submit another video of spirited debate focusing on a new topic. The prizes range from a free Princeton Review test preparation course to (seriously) a year’s worth of White Castle hamburgers, so whether you aspire to be the next Harvard debate champion or just want to relive your favorite Harold and Kumar moment, make your voice heard at debaters.

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